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I started this blog in 2011, when I first became an Adobe Certified Expert in Premiere. That was back when it was CS5.5, and we were the first people using it on shared storage at the Beeb, and thinking about doing the first broadcast edits on it. There was SO MUCH to figure out.

But despite everything we learnt about using Premiere in broadcast workflows, and defining best practice for shared storage in all kinds of in-house environments (from television and newspapers, to advertising and corporate clients), I rarely shared any of it here. All my energy went into making stuff work for our clients and talking to the Premiere team about bugs and improvements. I just forgot about putting it here.

Recently when I’ve been sharing hints and tips with people at work, I’ve started thinking about this site again. It seems a shame not to use it. Hopefully it’ll be helpful to the wider community, by sharing the amazing amount of knowledge we have both within SP and among our clients. We are the most experienced people in the world with using Premiere professionally; it seems such a terrible waste that other people are having to learn the same things separately.

Everything that I did put on here previously is now irrelevant, because of the amount of change between previous versions and now (CC2015.4), so I’ve nuked the entire site from orbit.


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